"In Conversation with Colour Symphony", Rupert Museum , Graaf-Reinett April 2021



Artists Statement. Debbie Field  
 A life-long fascination with the mystery, power, and delight of colour is at the heart of my artistic practise. There is a notion that intrigues me:  in life, light creates colour, in painting colour creates light.Thus the work of Michelle Negrini resonates with me.
In response to her  rigorous and systematic exploration, I offer a piece somewhat more intuitive, less formed or formally directed.My basic understanding of colour, whether as vibration, light, pigment, or even sound, is that it is in large part a hugely personal experience. How do I know that you are seeing the same hue that I see? Do you have the same emotional response as another, the same depths in your being triggered or touched? There is no way to know for certain.
To me, each infinite shade feels more like a verb than a noun, in that it contains some inherent action - it demands or evokes a response . It cannot be itself.   Alone.
A sense of play is an element I bring with this work.  The most I can do is to catch, arrange and offer a set of colours to the viewer, certain that an emotional response will result.This piece touches lightly on manipulating the viewer’s eye across the surface, on creating rhythmic passages, on causing visible and invisible windows of light and dark, on an unseen light playing across the surface, never keeping still.
Mostly, the work is to be done by the viewer. There is no narrative, no theory, no theme and no  representational image.
This piece is a sort of “open ended containment” offering something ultimately intangible and magical.  It is my search laid bare in its incompleteness while inviting the viewer to join in on the quest with me.
Each little shape has a personality of its own, a particular, specific quality. Look closely and no two are alike.
Each one relates to those around it, and ultimately contributes to the vitality of the whole.
It is a “verb-painting”!

The colours are made with two different materials: wax encaustic to capture the light and luminosity and oil paints for richness and opacity.
Here is a constellation - and celebration - of one of life’s most inspiring mysteries.